Vishal declares war against Producers Council

actor vishalKnown for his fight against piracy, Vishal took it to the next level on Wednesday evening, as he convened an ‘urgent press meet’ in Chennai and blamed Tamil Film Producers Council for the fiasco.

Accompanied by producers K E Gnanavelraja, Elred Kumar and others, Vishal, the general secretary of South India Artistes Association, said, “We have continuously brought this issue up with the Tamil Film Producers’ Council, but there has been no response.”

He added: “Though it has been confirmed that pirated copies of around seven movies, including ‘Theri’, ’24’, ‘VSOP’ and ‘Inji Idupazhagi’, have been made from PVR cinemas in Orion Mall, Bengaluru, the Producers Council has not taken any steps to address the issue.”

A few hours before that, he tweeted: “Baffled n puzzled y #dhanu sir pres of prod council doesn’t wanna take action on concernd theatres caught regd piracy.but Wil nt stop dis fite against piracy. Wil continue til v get justice.hope the prod council comes wit an explanation regd this.pathetic state.”

With his ‘Marudhu’ getting ready to hit the screens on Friday, Vishal has issued a strict warning against those involved in piracy.

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