Vadivelu’s ‘terror look’ in ‘Kathi Sandai’

actor vadiveluRemember ‘Thalainagaram’ and ‘Marudhamalai’, both directed by Suraaj featuring Vadivelu in memorable comedy roles. Now that the duo has come together again, this time for ‘Kathi Sandai‘, a laugh riot is in store, it seems.

According to sources close to the unit, Vadivelu’s look itself will be hilarious in ‘Kathi Sandai’ and the scenes involving him and Vishal will bring the roofs down.

“Recently, Vishal could not control himself when he saw Vadivelu’s getup in the movie for the first time. It will be revealed to the audience soon,” sources said.

Tamannah plays the heroine of ‘Kathi Sandai’, tipped to be an action-comedy. Popular Tollywood star Jagapathi Babu is playing the villain of Vishal in this flick, which is fast taking shape.

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