Story of Suriya’s ’24’ revealed

Even as the clock is ticking for the release of Suriya‘s ‘24‘, here we present you something which is being circulated in film and media circles as the story of the movie, directed by Vikram Kumar. But you have to read this at your own risk, as there are spoilers ahead.

According to sources, scientist Suriya and villain Surya (whose name is Athreya) are twins. The former develops a time machine and the latter does all evil things to capture and misuse it.

But the scientist and his wife (Nithya Menen) manage to escape from the clutches of Athreya, along with their infant (which grows up as another Surya). Though the couple get killed on their way, the kid survives. He has a watch tied in his wrist, which holds key for the time machine.

As years pass, the boy becomes a handsome young man, whose job is to repair watches. He also has a love interest (Samantha). Meanwhile, Athreya comes to know about the ‘watch’ and his brother’s son, and all hell breaks loose.

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