Samantha to take a break from acting

Samantha to take a break from actingSamantha, who has been working without a break for many months now thanks to back to back projects, has decided to take a break.

“Tonight I sleep content. With the last of my summer releases complete, it has been a very long hard 8 months. There have been days of breaking down from the exhaustion but I am glad I pulled through,” she said, while revealing the decision on her microblogging page.

“Thankyou to my family who have stood by me through everything,” she said, adding: “I haven’t been a perfect daughter, a perfect friend or a perfect girlfriend in this
time. I intend to take things really slow now make up for it. Will not be signing any new fi lms for a while.”

She concluded it by saying: “I love you all. Thankyou for being my pillar of strength.” While her ’24’ with Suriya hit the screens Friday last, Samantha’s Tamil-Telugu bilingual ‘Brahmotsavam’ starring Mahesh Babu in the lead is expected to hit the screens soon.

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