Ilayaraja to score music for English flick

Maestro Ilayaraja will compose music for an English film titled ‘Love & Love Only’. Written and directed by Julian Karikalan, the movie is about cross-culture perspective and how love overcomes all that.

Besides penning the script and wielding the megaphone, Karikalan is also taking care of lyrics, editing and production departments as well.

Rohit Kalia and Georgia Nicolas play the lead roles, while others in the cast include Ambika Asthana, Shekhar Mehta, Sashi Dandekar, Suparna Mallick, Robert Osborne, Benjamin Cork, Juliana Peniazeva, Vikas Sehgal and Laurance Nath.

According to the director, the story is about an Indian guy who falls in love with an Australian girl. “Raja sir’s music is one of the biggest highlights of the movie,” he says.

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