24 Movie Review & Rating

24 Movie Review & Rating

A collage of time machine travel, chaos theory, imagination and presentation is ’24’, which is an intelligent sci-fi movie that takes the audience serious.

Directed by Vikram Kumar, the maker of ‘Alai’ and ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ who is now a hot property in Tollywood (thanks to ‘Manam’), the film is a treat to Suriya fans as they get to see their favourite actor in three different dimensions.

The story is not so simple. But it has been narrated as simple as possible, without confusing the viewers much. And what more, the film also follows the commercial format, thus fulfilling the tastes of the mass and the class alike.

Scientist Sethuraman (Suriya) and baddie Athreya (Suriya) are brothers. The former develops a time machine and the latter wants to capture and misuse it.

But the scientist and his wife Priya (Nithya Menen) manage to escape from the clutches of Athreya, along with their infant son (who grows up as another Suriya). Though the couple get killed on their way, the kid survives thanks to Sathya Bama (Saranya Ponvannan).

A watch, which holds key for the time machine, is also safe with the son, whose name is Mani, who is a watch mechanic. He also has a love interest (Samantha). Meanwhile, Athreya comes to know about the ‘watch’ in the possession of his brother’s son, and all hell breaks loose.

What follows is a roller coaster ride which brings alive Sethuraman and Priya, helps Mani win over his ladylove and take revenge on Athreya.

Suriya is in superb form and he shows the distinct difference between the three characters. As Athreya, he is menacing and here is another dreaded villain to Tamil cinema. Both Nithya Menen and Samantha have been given scope to perform, while Saranya Ponvannan is good as usual.

Despite the presence of three Suriyas, the real hero of ’24’ is the script of Vikram Kumar, as the writing is top-notch. The interval block and the climax are highlights.

A R Rahman has proved why is he being called maestro, while Thiru’s cinematography is on par with any international standard. On the flip side, some oft-repeated dialogues and length of certain scenes could have been avoided.

Verdict : To sum it up, ’24’is a honest attempt and the result of the hardwork of a dedicated team.

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