Pasanga 2

Pasanga 2

Movie : Pasanga 2
Directed by : Pandiraj
Produced by : Suriya, Pandiraj
Written by : Pandiraj
Starring : Nishesh, Vaishnavi, Aarush, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Vidya Pradeep, Ramdoss
Music by : Arrol Corelli
Cinematography : Balasubramaniem
Production company : 2D Entertainment, Pasanga Productions
Distributed by : Studio Green, Escape Artists Motion Pictures
Release dates : 24 December 2015
Country : India
Language : Tamil

Filmmaking, like parenting, is an art. If the former is about conceiving a subject, developing it into a script, picking the right team, shooting the film, carefully carrying out pre-production, publicising the end-product and making it reach the audience, the latter is an even more a lengthy process that requires a lifetime.

Director Pandiraj, the master of films about parenting, has struck a right chord once again. ‘Pasanga 2′ stands out tall among the rest of his films after his maiden venture ‘Pasanga’, and here we tell you why.

First, the subject is like a walking on a tight rope. Even a slight miss could end up in disaster. But Pandiraj, in the company of Suriya (the movie’s producer who has done an all-important ‘cameo’) and a bunch of kids, makes ‘Pasanga 2′ an enjoyable and touching experience.

Hardly we could feel the preachy tone, which was found in loads in films of such genres earlier. In short, it is a fun ride with a crucial message to parents towards the end.

The story revolves around Nayana (Vaishnavi) and Kavin (Nishesh), who are extremely playful and are a nightmare to teachers and parents. As a result, their parents (Karthik Kumar-Bindhu Madhavi and Ramdoss-Vidya Pradeep) are forced to change schools often.

During one such transfer, the two families relocate to the same apartment complex. Nayana and Kavin become good friends and their naughtiness and pranks only get increased. Unable to bear this, other occupants of the flat ask them to vacate the premises.

When the parents decide to admit their wards to a hostel, chips in Tamil Nadan (Suriya), who too lives in the same campus. While Tamil Nadan is a child psychiatrist, his wife Venba (Amala Paul) is a teacher.

The couple has a totally different perspective on parenting, education and schooling. Tamil Nadan finds that the two kids have Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder. The rest is about how it is addressed.

Bouquets and chocolates to Vaishnavi and Nishesh, who have brought the world of kids alive before our eyes. Suriya’s performance enlightens the whole movie, while the likes of Amala Paul, Bindhu Madhavi, Karthik, Ramdoss and Vidya Pradeep have delivered their best.

Arrol Corelli’s songs are average, while his background score is good. Balasubramaniem’s camerawork is colourful, which is inevitable for a movie with such an interesting theme. Praveen K L’s editing is crisp and sharp.

Pandiraj should be lauded for packing the movie with multiple informations without missing on the entertainment factor, thus making it a good infotainment venture.

Listing out the cons, some scenes are too predictable and there are dialogues which sound like a straight lift from Wikipedia.

All said, there is no denial that ‘Pasanga 2′ has plenty to offer. It is doubly so if you are a school going student or a parent who has a kid in that age. Suriya and Pandiraj can certainly be proud of their product.

Verdict: Good Message For Parents.. Must Watch

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