Kaaka Muttai

Kaaka Muttai

Cast & Crew

Movie: Kaakka Muttai
Starcast: Ramesh, Vignesh& Iyshwarya Rajesh
Director: Manikandan M
Cinematography: Manikandan M
Editing: Kishore Te
Composer: G.V.Prakash Kumar
Dialogues: Manikandan M
Producer: Dhanush & Vetrimaaran
Banner: Fox Star Studios , Wunderbar Films & Grass Root Film Company
Label: Think Music


Movie Review

India has been a land of arts, literature et al with a long journey of history on the spiritual and philosophical panoramas. In fact, the western masters of cinema inquisitively peep into this zone and pick the best they could translate as Inception and of course Mahabharatha beings the world’s first ever art to depict Time Travel became a major source of fantasy films in Hollywood. Nevertheless, possessing such huge traits, India is still a source of ‘Third World Country’, where the slums and poverty became an intriguing element of many films. Of course, Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire indeed had grabbed such essence. But that doesn’t mean cinematographer-filmmaker Manikandan has been inspired by such instances.

This film deviates itself completely from such paradigms and proves to be something different. It’s a drama about two brothers across the slum regions of Chennai. The elder one calls himself Periya Kaaka Muttai and the younger bro as Chinna Kaakka Muttai. They have their own joys unfolding everyday and even steal up the crow’s egg as their protein intake. Their father is in prison and mother (Aishwarya Rajesh) is no different from usual mothers of this zone. Eventually, things take a different turn in their lives, when an entrepreneurship firm opens up a pizza hut in the locale that eventually grabs their attention. Now their concern is to spin the money and no issues whatever it might take them through. They get involved in the fraudulent acts and get what they want to munch in the baked Pizza with some savoring toppings. But at the end, they have something that wouldn’t have envisaged.

We would incisively put forth a simple verdict for this film, an emotional melancholic drama that traces every stage of changing phase in Indian sub-continent of how Globalization adversely has its own effects on the lower-strata cohorts. First and foremost, the realistic approach of filming certain sequences really deserve a greater appreciation for cinematographer Manikandan, but again, some diminishing elements like slow motions that usually happen in the hero-centric films with over-emotional BGM by GV Prakash might hamper the naturalistic attempt. The excellent writing of Manikandan and his visual substantiality makes it all happen with this film.

The lead actors – Ramesh and Ramesh Thilaganathan, the young chaps bring up everything so naturally that nurtures the film with what the makers had envisaged. They have no influence of cinematic mania in them and that makes the job easier for Manikandan to bring the results he wanted.

Decades and Decades back, Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves had such a blunt reality impinging the Industrial Revolution. Although, the film’s backdrop encompassed on an ordinary man’s cycle being stolen and the family searches of it, there isn’t any solution given out there, but the social transformation had its prominence. Similarly, Kaaka Muttai is something that doesn’t appeal as a time pass movie, but something that would hold a great status in the pages of Asian Cinema Library for case studies.


Verdict: Projecting the unconventional truth with excellence

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