Pencil Movie Review and Rating

Pencil Movie Review and Rating

When G V Prakash Kumar, the music composer, decided to become an actor, ‘Pencil’ was the first project he signed. However, due to some reasons, the film got delayed, and his other heroic ventures ‘Darling‘ and ‘Trisha Illana Nayanthara‘ hit the screens and went on to become hits too.

The delay appears to be a blessing in disguise for both ‘Pencil’ and GVP, as such novel attempts were not the order of the day in these parts till a few years ago. Now that Kollywood audience are familiar with new age movies, they might appreciate this flick.

Shiva (G V Prakash) studies class 12 in a posh school in the city and he is a topper. He is not in good terms with spoilt brat Nithin (Shariq Haasan), son of leading film star.

One day, to the shock of everyone, Nithin is found dead under mysterious circumstances and the blame, yes you are right, falls on Shiva. Now the onus is on the young boy to prove that he is innocent. And he is helped by his love interest Maya (Sri Divya).

Debutant director Mani Raj has tried his hands at a high school thriller, a successful genre in Hollywood, and it is evident that he has been heavily inspired by Korean movie ‘Fourth Period Mystery’.

He has packed the first half in a brilliant manner, by establishing characters in an engaging way. But the second half is a let-down, as it is lengthy and preachy.

Considering this is the debut acting venture of GVP, he can be given first class. Sri Divya is cute as school girl and she is seen in stylish outfits. And the actress performs well too. Others in the cast too are good and topping the list is Shariq Hussain.

G V Prakash has come out with interesting songs and Gopi Amarnath’s visuals add value to them. Though ‘Pencil’ is watchable and racy, some trimming could do a world of good to it.

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