Marudhu Movie Review

Marudhu Movie Review

It was ‘Sandakozhi’, a rural action entertainer, that elevated Vishal’s career. Then came ‘Thamirabharani’, another film from the same genre, and it cemented the actor’s position. A few years ago, he was part of a village flick once again, Bala-directed ‘Avan Ivan’, and it brought the actor in him out.

Now with ‘Marudhu’, Vishal has apparently aimed a ‘Murattu Kaalai’ type of victory in the company of director Muthaiah, a specialist in village centric action flicks (remember ‘Kutti Puli’ and ‘Komban’).

Like its predecessors, ‘Marudhu’ too faithfully follows the template of less logic and more commercial elements. The role is tailor-made for Vishal and Sri Divya shines as village belle. And you have to really praise the strong technical team. But still, something is missing in the movie. May be the presence of predictability?

Marudhu (Vishal) is brought up by his grandmother Mariamma (Leela) with all good virtues. The upright man would not accept if women are disrespected. In the company of his good friend Kokkarakko (Soori), he leads a happy life.

Meanwhile, Marudhu comes across Rolex Pandian (R K Suresh), a thug-politician who is powerful in the area. Marudhu’s love interest Bhagyalakshmi (Sri Divya) has to settle scores with Pandian, as he is responsible for her mother’s death.

While Bhagyalakshmi files a case against Pandian through her advocate father Sankarapandian (Marimuthu), there is a backstory that connects Marudhu with Pandian. So, what happens next?

Vishal has transformed himself as a rural youth and comes up with his best in action scenes. Sri Divya has tried her hands at a different role and adds value to the movie with her looks and performance.

Soori, besides ticking the funny bone, makes us emotional too. Suresh is sure going places and can become one of the sought after villain actors of Tamil cinema.

There are three things, or persons, who deserve a special mention. In a rarity in films of the genre, Imman’s music, Velraj’s cinematography and Praveen K L’s editing are of top notch and are the real strengths of ‘Marudhu’.

With these many plus points, Muthaiah could have presented a much more better movie, by avoiding cliches and violence. If you are a lover of rural commercial entertainers, theatres screening ‘Marudhu’ may be your destination this weekend.

Verdict: Racy but regular

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