Indru Netru Naalai

Indru Netru Naalai

தமிழ் சினிமா அப்டேட்ஸ் களை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்து கொள்ள Filmi Street App - ஐ டவுன்லோட் செய்யுங்கள்

Debutant Ravi Kumar makes a decent effort in making a movie that literally is something new to Tamil cinema. Time Machine and Time Travel, so far have been a tremendous genre in the world of Hollywood and after many attempts by several filmmakers, director Ravi Kumar picks up the option. The film is jointly produced by C.V. Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment and K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green with Vishnu Vishal, Mia George and Karunakaran in lead characters. Making his musical debut with the film Aambala, Hip Hop Aadhi has composed music for this film and cinematography is handled by A. Vasanth.

Its 2065 Chennai, a scientist (Arya) has endeavoured manufacturing a Time Travel machine and sends his pet dog as the subject. Unfortunately as the machine commuted to current time gets malfunctioned and it gets into the hands of Vishnu Vishal and Karunakaran, who are close friends and a lunatic wannabe scientist. The encounters they have through his machine are quite profitable, but sooner the lives are doomed. Now it’s up Vishnu and Karunakaran to make sure that thing are set properly so that the pathetic lives are transformed into happy moments.

Fine! Keep aside the negative traits if you’re triggered to find out. We have got to appreciate the entire team for delivering a completely new dimensional movie. Time Travel has been a long time desired genre in Tamil and newcomer Ravi Kumar has pushed it to the best levels. He has clearly understood the fact that it’s a complicated theme and has distinctly mixed it up with commercial elements. The first half becomes more evident of his decorous effort and it would have been nice if the second half had its course of engagement in the right manner.

On the performance level, Vishnu Vishal hasn’t really exceeded our expectations but has played what the role has demanded. He has underplayed his role in many places and has done proper justice to it. On the pars, Karunakaran has efficiently showcased his prowess in humorous and emotional quotients. Mia George might have not obtained a substantial role as in her debut film ‘Amara Kaaviyam’, but somehow manages to steal the show with her blissful acting. Jayaprakash is efficiently good and Sai Kiran, playing the baddie deserves appreciations.

There is no sign that Hip Hop Aadhi has composed music for this film, but has done some decent task in background score. Cinematography is an additional benefit and so is editing. But what stands out at the best is the Computer Generated works that has bestowed the film with the standard it actually deserves.

There might be some confusion over the narration and that’s not the fault of director, but the theme that really keeps demanding our attention. But with Ravi Kumar keeping things balanced with rational and entertaining parts, Indru Netru Naalai becomes a commendable entertainer.

Verdict: No worries! Just grab your tickets



தமிழ் சினிமா அப்டேட்ஸ் களை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்து கொள்ள Filmi Street App - ஐ டவுன்லோட் செய்யுங்கள்

Cast & Crew

Cast : Vadivelu,Sadha,Pradeep Rawat
Music : Vidyasagar
Lyrics :Pulavar Pulamaipithan,Viveka
Director : Yuvaraj Dhayalan
Producer : G.Sathish Kumar, S.Amarnath
Banner : City Cine Creations


Over and again, Vadivelu as hero has been disappointing his fans and he could have better opted to continue his journey as a comedian. This would be the first and foremost thought that would be popping up in your minds after watching ‘Eli’ (Of course, you might have walked out of theatres before the show ends). The film is directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan, who earlier made Tenali Raman with Vadivelu last year. When they announced a comeback together, there was an anticipation that this duo would break the barriers and bad credits earned through Tenali Raman and fetch the brownie points with ‘Eli’.

The story is as vague as onionskin, where you keep peeling the layers and till the end, there is nothing to surprise you. Eli (played by Vadivelu) is a small time thief who nurtures his conniving acts in a cunningly stunning manner. On an unexpected turn, when he loots the entire materials from a commissioner (Kitty), the latter and a police officer (Aditya of Billa fame) decide to bring Eli as a spy in the group of dangerous criminals who are illegally selling cigarettes.

All throughout the film, we happen to see that Vadivelu is beyond his usual style and he tries to be so much hyperactive. He never gives a single breaks and tries to dominate the entire show. In fact, one turns restless while watching this film continuously for 150 minutes. What brings down everything from positive to negative aspects is the very power erroneous writing of Yuvaraj Dhayalan. There is nothing wrong with the plot and everyone have their own ideas, but the way one tries  to communicate or convey it becomes the greatest challenge and is the complete strength of this film. But here, everything turns deplorable. Sadha is not a happy girl. This talented actress has finally dropped her career graph playing a role which shouldn’t have opted for. Others in the cast like Pratap Rawat had performed some challenging roles, but now to see him as a joker villain is really irksome.

The background score and songs by Vidhyasagar is yet another irritating point and the cinematography is bleaching in many places.

On the whole, ‘Eli’ has nothing to appreciate and write about. It could be one of the year’s most disappointing movies and it’s better to avoid them wasting your money on this.


Verdict: No Jokes, No Story and what’s the point???


Rajini Murugan

Rajini Murugan

தமிழ் சினிமா அப்டேட்ஸ் களை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்து கொள்ள Filmi Street App - ஐ டவுன்லோட் செய்யுங்கள்

It’s all about this combination that makes them so much happening across the K-town and they are back now. Yes, the tremendous combination of Ponram-Sivakarthikeyan-D Imman is back now with ‘Rajini Murugan’ straight from the success of ‘Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam’.


1.Rajini Murugan – Title Song

   Singer: Sivakarthikeyan

   Lyrics: Yugabharathi 


A perfect title song that indirectly relates to the real life of Sivakarthikeyan, where some lines like Jayichaalum Luckunu Solraanga… The song is medium paced folk beat song that travels with right momentum and with visuals; it would surely make a decent impact.


2. Un Mela Oru Kannu

     Singers : Jithin Raj, Mahalakshmi Iyer


It’s a melodious duet that sounds with some characteristic features of a retro phase. Both the singers Jithin Raj and Mahalakshmi Iyer place their voices ave right levels and this would slowly gain the impact.


3. Ennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma

     Singer: D Imman

     Lyrics: Yugabharathi 


The song has been carrying the catchy traits right from the first line ‘Police a Kupuduven’ followed by ‘Ennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma’. The complete song has been engaging and with accordance to the making that made it more popular.


4. Aavi Parakkum Teanadai

     Singer: V.M. Mahalingam, Badava Gopi


Lots of creativities are used up here. The song is about the protagonist singing about his new tea stall and his girlfriend. Amidst the lines, there are some creative elements like Badava Gopi mimicking some ads.


5. Jigiru Jigiru

     Singers: Diwakar, Kalpana Ragavendar

The song gives a festive feel. Be it vocalisms of Diwakar and Kalpana Raghavendar or the instrumental compositions, both of them happen to synchronous. It sounds like the visuals will gradually bring more feel to the song with jubilant panoramas.


6. Yennama Ippadi Panreengalae Ma (Imman Mix)

     Singers : D. Imman, Aaryan Dinesh Kanagarathnam


The Dub Step mix eventually of Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma is a peppy version with the involvement of Aryan Dinesh Kanagarathnam, the man behind the grand success of AR Rahman’s Magudi Magudi and Kaara Aattakaara. The mixing and rap lyrics are fabulous and this is  sure to become the seasonal hit.\


Apart from these tracks, there is a complete list of Karaoke version including Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma, which will surely be working out well in many stage performance and parties.

Overall, Rajini Murugan songs are decorously convincing and will surely become an instant hit down the south, whereas the song ‘Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma’ is already a massive hit across all the places.


Verdict: Buy it for ‘Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma’


Romeo Juliet

Romeo Juliet

தமிழ் சினிமா அப்டேட்ஸ் களை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்து கொள்ள Filmi Street App - ஐ டவுன்லோட் செய்யுங்கள்

With the season of horror movies slightly coming to an end, the romantic and comedy genres have started up to showers it realms in theatres. While the other release of this Friday, Inimey Ippadithaan is a comedy entertainer with some romance and emotions, Jayam Ravi-Hansika Motwani starrer ‘Romeo Juliet’ falls into the ‘Romance’ genre. The film is directed by Lakshman and features some interesting star-cast like Poonam Bajwa, VTV Ganesh and few more prominent actors.

Jayam Ravi has been an ordinary man with ordinary lifestyle, who has been searching for true love in his life. On the other end of city, there is Hansika Motwani who strongly believes life without money and luxury isn’t worth living. She starts looking up for the richest guy to date and Jayam Ravi becomes the mistaken identity. Both of them come across each other and fall in love eventually, but sooner when Hansika Motwani realizes that Ravi is just a man earning 15K per month, she breaks up and moves away. Now what happens next has been narrated in a hilarious and quite emotional drama style.

Filmmaker Lakshmanan tries to bring forth the emotional context of love with some hilarious touch. The very opening titles of the film from MGR’s Anbe Vaa to Rajnikanth’s Thalapathy, Kamal Haasan’s Guna, Ajith Kumar’s Kadhal Kottai, Vijay’s Kadhalukku Mariyadhai, 7G Rainbow Colony and finally with Dhanush’s Aadukalam. This indeed brings out the complete excitement among the audiences and sooner with the title song ‘Dandanakka’, everything is a celebration out there. After few minutes into the movie, there seems to be certain drop in momentum, where we see the scenes repeated with the narration slightly letting us feel tiresome. Post-intermission there seems to be lively moments with Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani together bringing out their best efforts in rendering a beautiful show. Their cute and loveable actions are very well done. Poonam Bajwa with her minimal role steals the show.

Technically, the film holds some prominence due to the background score and songs by D Imman and cinematography are laudable indeed.

The major plus of the film is sizzling chemistry of Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani, some hilarious episodes involving VTV Ganesh and others in the cast and some songs by D Imman. On the flip side, if director Lakshman had narrated the screenplay with some fresh aspects, it would have far better than what it is now.

Overall, Romeo Juliet might not be a classical masterpiece of romance, but it’s a feel-good love story that would surely garner some good response from multiplex audiences.

Verdict: Certainly enjoyable, but could have been better


Innimey Ippadithaan aka Inimey Ippadithan

Innimey Ippadithaan aka Inimey Ippadithan

தமிழ் சினிமா அப்டேட்ஸ் களை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்து கொள்ள Filmi Street App - ஐ டவுன்லோட் செய்யுங்கள்

Cast & Crew

Movie – Innimey Ippadithaan
Starring – Santhanam, Thambi Ramaiah, Ashna Zaveri, Akila Kishore, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren, Pragathi and Many Others
Music – Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi
Director – Muruganand
Editing – Ruben
DOP – Gopi Jagadesswaran
Producer – Santhanam
Banner – Handmade Films


Movie Review

Santhanam has been involved in the scrupulous efforts of achieving something greater as a solo hero and his first film ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham’ was indeed a good example. Now with more efforts, he has tried to give the best show in his second film as hero. Inimey Ippadithan is directed by duo Muruganand and is produced by Santhanam’s home banner with Ashna Zaveri and Akhila Kishore playing the female lead characters.

When Santhanam doesn’t find a good looking girl with high personality for being his wife, even his parents get tired on this relentless pursuit… Meanwhile, Santhanam falls in love with a gorgeous girl (Ashna Zaveri) and manages to win her heart. Apparently, his parents along with uncle (Thambi Ramaiah) finally get an arranged proposal of beautiful girl (Akhila Kishore). Now Santhanam is wedged between the two girls and is unable to handle the situations. Who is he going to marry finally? This forms the crux of the story.

What strikes our minds at the earliest is that Santhanam’s proficient skill in dedicating himself to the role. He looks completely apt for the character and does a marvelous job in his mannerisms and body language. Not to miss his authentic style of delivering funny dialogues that keeps everyone enchanted. Ashna Zaveri has become too much thinner and she could have maintained her weight for better looks. Akila Kishore doesn’t have more prominence to her character, but with her minimal portions does a neat task. VTV Ganesh as usual amuses the crowd with his fun-filled lines and everyone in the cast including Aadukalam Narain and Thambi Ramaiah has their toast of fun-filled celebrations.

The songs by Santosh are exquisitely good, but the film doesn’t find a proper placement. Cinematography could have been better with few best visuals. Editing is good. The screenplay becomes the most substantial element in this film for we don’t find the film boring anywhere. Thanks to team of writers and directors who have managed to pull of the film perfectly with engrossing aspects.

The establishment of characters with humorous touch and almost every character making a best spell and the hilarious lines keep us in huge laughter-riot. The film ends with a good message, especially for every guy in town who wants to marry the dream girl. Somehow, we can relate this film and its formulae to the yesteryear Bhagyaraj movies.

On the whole, Inimey Ippadithaan offers the best package of humour and entertainment with an unexpected twist in the climax with a good message at end.


Verdict: Can watch it for sure



தமிழ் சினிமா அப்டேட்ஸ் களை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்து கொள்ள Filmi Street App - ஐ டவுன்லோட் செய்யுங்கள்

Maari, the film’s title together with big names like Dhanush and Anirudh had kindled up the best exhilarations among Dhanush fans. With the track list making it all clear that this is going to be out and out commercial entertainer with the story set against the backdrops of slums, what else can Anirudh do than pumping heavy beats of Thaara Thappattai. Comprising of six tracks, the film is directed by Balaji Mohan. who shot to fame for his romantic comedy flicks like Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Yeppadi and Vaayai Moodi Pesavum.

1. Maari Thara Local (Here comes Maari)

    Singer: Dhanush

    Lyrics: Dhanush

The title song of this album and it looks like the introduction song of Dhanush. It is a pakka mass commercial number that has noisy percussion’s that even overshadows the voice of Dhanush. Maybe, the fast paced choreography would add up the best momentum to it on the screens.

2. Oru Vidha Aasai

     Singer: Anirudh and Vineeth Srinivasan

     Lyrics: Dhanush

With most of the songs turning to be massive exploding fast Kuthu numbers, the song slightly gets away in an unparalleled manner. This song has some western beats and genre of music. It may click well with the visuals.

3. Don’u Don’u

     Singers: Anirudh and Alisha Thomas

     Lyrics: Dhanush

The cherry pick of this album and it will instantly catch up the fire without any doubt. The song has simple lyrical lines with peppy music and what makes the song more catchier is the rendition of Alisha Thomas. The beats and the English rap words are so finely exquisite.

4. Odayum Dagulu Maari (The Return of Maari)

     Singers: Dhanush and Anirudh

This is going to be an apparent treat of theme song for exclusively tailored for Dhanush fans. As the track begins the violin, there seems to be a surprise with the Kuthu beats with Gaana Lyrics taking over.

5. The Maari Swag

This track has been having its realms from the time first look teaser was released. Just 30 seconds and it encompasses the best heroism.

6. Thappa Dhaan Theriyum

     Singer: Anirudh, Dhanush, Chinna Ponnu and Maghizhini Manimaaran

Yet another fast Kuthu number that has every element to enthrall the audiences, particularly his fans!!! Much alike the title song, the vocalisms of Anirudh, Dhanush, Chinna Ponnu and Maghizhini Maniramaran remain completely eclipsed by the heavy beats.

Overall, Maari is completely catering to the tastes of front benchers the pakka ‘Thara Ticket’ album that will surely have the single screen audiences exalting in celebration with heavy beats and overpowering dance of Dhanush and others.

Verdict: Final word! Thara Ticket album

Dhanush’s Maari Movie Review is Here. Check it Out to Know the Audience Response and Ratings.

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