Rajini Murugan

Rajini Murugan

It’s all about this combination that makes them so much happening across the K-town and they are back now. Yes, the tremendous combination of Ponram-Sivakarthikeyan-D Imman is back now with ‘Rajini Murugan’ straight from the success of ‘Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam’.


1.Rajini Murugan – Title Song

   Singer: Sivakarthikeyan

   Lyrics: Yugabharathi 


A perfect title song that indirectly relates to the real life of Sivakarthikeyan, where some lines like Jayichaalum Luckunu Solraanga… The song is medium paced folk beat song that travels with right momentum and with visuals; it would surely make a decent impact.


2. Un Mela Oru Kannu

     Singers : Jithin Raj, Mahalakshmi Iyer


It’s a melodious duet that sounds with some characteristic features of a retro phase. Both the singers Jithin Raj and Mahalakshmi Iyer place their voices ave right levels and this would slowly gain the impact.


3. Ennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma

     Singer: D Imman

     Lyrics: Yugabharathi 


The song has been carrying the catchy traits right from the first line ‘Police a Kupuduven’ followed by ‘Ennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma’. The complete song has been engaging and with accordance to the making that made it more popular.


4. Aavi Parakkum Teanadai

     Singer: V.M. Mahalingam, Badava Gopi


Lots of creativities are used up here. The song is about the protagonist singing about his new tea stall and his girlfriend. Amidst the lines, there are some creative elements like Badava Gopi mimicking some ads.


5. Jigiru Jigiru

     Singers: Diwakar, Kalpana Ragavendar

The song gives a festive feel. Be it vocalisms of Diwakar and Kalpana Raghavendar or the instrumental compositions, both of them happen to synchronous. It sounds like the visuals will gradually bring more feel to the song with jubilant panoramas.


6. Yennama Ippadi Panreengalae Ma (Imman Mix)

     Singers : D. Imman, Aaryan Dinesh Kanagarathnam


The Dub Step mix eventually of Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma is a peppy version with the involvement of Aryan Dinesh Kanagarathnam, the man behind the grand success of AR Rahman’s Magudi Magudi and Kaara Aattakaara. The mixing and rap lyrics are fabulous and this is  sure to become the seasonal hit.\


Apart from these tracks, there is a complete list of Karaoke version including Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma, which will surely be working out well in many stage performance and parties.

Overall, Rajini Murugan songs are decorously convincing and will surely become an instant hit down the south, whereas the song ‘Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma’ is already a massive hit across all the places.


Verdict: Buy it for ‘Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma’


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