Cast & Crew

Cast : Vadivelu,Sadha,Pradeep Rawat
Music : Vidyasagar
Lyrics :Pulavar Pulamaipithan,Viveka
Director : Yuvaraj Dhayalan
Producer : G.Sathish Kumar, S.Amarnath
Banner : City Cine Creations


Over and again, Vadivelu as hero has been disappointing his fans and he could have better opted to continue his journey as a comedian. This would be the first and foremost thought that would be popping up in your minds after watching ‘Eli’ (Of course, you might have walked out of theatres before the show ends). The film is directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan, who earlier made Tenali Raman with Vadivelu last year. When they announced a comeback together, there was an anticipation that this duo would break the barriers and bad credits earned through Tenali Raman and fetch the brownie points with ‘Eli’.

The story is as vague as onionskin, where you keep peeling the layers and till the end, there is nothing to surprise you. Eli (played by Vadivelu) is a small time thief who nurtures his conniving acts in a cunningly stunning manner. On an unexpected turn, when he loots the entire materials from a commissioner (Kitty), the latter and a police officer (Aditya of Billa fame) decide to bring Eli as a spy in the group of dangerous criminals who are illegally selling cigarettes.

All throughout the film, we happen to see that Vadivelu is beyond his usual style and he tries to be so much hyperactive. He never gives a single breaks and tries to dominate the entire show. In fact, one turns restless while watching this film continuously for 150 minutes. What brings down everything from positive to negative aspects is the very power erroneous writing of Yuvaraj Dhayalan. There is nothing wrong with the plot and everyone have their own ideas, but the way one tries  to communicate or convey it becomes the greatest challenge and is the complete strength of this film. But here, everything turns deplorable. Sadha is not a happy girl. This talented actress has finally dropped her career graph playing a role which shouldn’t have opted for. Others in the cast like Pratap Rawat had performed some challenging roles, but now to see him as a joker villain is really irksome.

The background score and songs by Vidhyasagar is yet another irritating point and the cinematography is bleaching in many places.

On the whole, ‘Eli’ has nothing to appreciate and write about. It could be one of the year’s most disappointing movies and it’s better to avoid them wasting your money on this.


Verdict: No Jokes, No Story and what’s the point???


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