Madhan’s mom, wife file complaint with Chennai police

vendhar movies madhan with wifeUnable to find the whereabouts of S Madhan of Vendhar Movies in Varanasi, his mother Thangam and wife Sumalatha have lodged a complaint with the Chennai city police commissioner today.

In the complaint, they said that Madhan was missing since Sunday after mentioning in a letter that he would attain ‘samadhi’ in Varanasi. Stating that they went to Varanasi in search of him but could not find him, they requested the police to find out Madhan.

After leaving a five-page shocking statement, in which he had said that he was going to Kasi to end his life, Madhan went out of reach of his family, friends and colleagues.

Following this, T Siva, secretary of Tamil Film Producers Council and others, went to Varanasi in search of him. In the letter addressed to his family, Paarivendhar (T R Pachamuthu, founder of SRM Group) and friends, Madhan said that he did a lot to make SRM Group number one in education and other fields.

He however said he was pained by the recent developments and ‘Vendhar’ has been ignoring them.

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