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hansika with momHansika Motwani is the name that currently echoes in both Tamil and Telugu films. Kudos to her Versatility in choosing the films. The pretty actress who is hitting the popularity charts thanks to her back to back hits and her larger than life social commitments has appointed an exclusive and professional manager to look after her professional  schedules. Dr. Mona Motwani mother of Hansika was handling this until now. But due to her professional  commitments Dr.Mona is unable to co-ordinate with Hansika and hence this decision said Dr Mona.
“The popularity graph for Hansika is peaking, the demand for an organized schedule in the best interest of the producers was always there. My professional commitments as a Doctor too demands lot of time from me and I didn’t want that factor to hamper the progress of any of Hansika’s commitments. Hence I have appointed Mr.Jagadish (90038 87788) as her manager and he will look after her date schedules. The producers can be assured of a sustained professionalism as usual from our side ” says Dr.Mona Motwani.

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